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Low Density Chipboard

Introducing an eco-friendly paperboard made from 100% post consumer content. This lightweight chipboard is approximately 35% to 40% lighter than regular chipboard. Low density chipboard costs less because of its light weight and that translates into a better profit margin for you! Its rough dry finish tends to hold product from slipping when used as dividers and this bulked up sheet gives added protection to your product.


  • Low Cost ! less weight = less cost = better profit margin!
  • Rough dry finish tends to hold product from slipping
  • Bulked up sheet gives added protection
  • Higher yield per ton!

    Low Density vs regular chipboard chart

Sheet Specifications

  • Color - Gray to brown & thickness ranges from .019-.049
  • Product is manufactured to basis weight specification
  • Density - 2.2 lbs. (regular board density is 3.78 lbs.
  • 100% recycled content





low density is lighter



  • Protective Product Covering dirt or dust covers
  • Pad and Box Liners used between layers to separate and protect items from damage
  • Pallet Liners protection from fork lift damage, and product falling through slats
  • Slip Sheet for Palletized Products installed between product layers for protection and strength
  • Tie Sheets or Tier Sheets place between product rows to tighten or hold pallet loads together and maintain product appearance during delivery
  • Void Fill

Converted Forms

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • Small pads
  • Die cuts
  • Can also be indented

Please sample and explain to end user before taking orders. You can contact us for samples, product information, pricing or a complete sales presentation at your facility.