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Disposable Paper Car Mats

Now you can provide your customers with a high quality, low cost, paper car mat that not only looks good in their vehicle, but also works great. If you are a distributor or detailer please keep reading.

Our disposable paper car mats are made to soak up water and keep dirt and mud from destroying your cars carpeting. Sure you already have custom car mats for your car, but if you're an active, outdoors oriented, person do you really want to clean them after each outing? We have the answer! Our poly coated one side gypsum car mats soak up water and mud and prevent moisture from soaking through to your carpeting.

Keep some in your trunk and the next time you're at the car wash you won't have to track that dirty water back into your car. Just lay a mat on the floor of your car and your good to go!

Die cut to fit

Most paper car mats don't really fit well in most cars. Our die cut car mats fit better and cover more usable floor space (see picture on left). They also look better than the others.

Thicker more absorbent

Gypsum is heavier and stronger than most paper car mats on the market today. Our disposable car mats are indented or embossed to allow for more absorption. We also poly coat one side to provide a protective barrier that prevents seepage. Plus, because they are heavier, they stay in place and won't fall apart or bunch up under your feet while driving.

Paper Car Mat Distribution Channels

  • Automotive Shops / Garages
  • Car Washes
  • Automotive Supply Stores
  • Sporting Goods Shops

Please contact us for samples, product information, pricing or a complete sales presentation at your facility.




Stack of die cut paper car mats.


Paper carmat in use.